We asked, you responded. This is what you want this effort to become.

  • A place to connect outside of our “bubble”
  • Mentoring and learning together
  • Safe space to just be and share our stories so we don’t feel so alone
  • Connect around individual and collective passions
  • Creating a place to find and match mentors
  • A hub to inspire and fight for equitable representation of women in all roles in education
  • A communal rally cry for student centered change in education that is driven by collective action

What deep dive conversations are you interested in?

  • Ignite talks
  • Sharing individual stories of journeys through education
  • Digital Equity in Remote Learning
  • Technology Leadership
  • UDL
  • Equity
  • Digital Equity
  • Data
  • Authentic leadership
  • Vulnerability & Grace
  • Courageous Leadership
  • Culturally Courageous Leadership
  • Recognizing and Supporting Trauma in Leadership
  • Reimagine Schools Work

How do you want to connect?

  • Online meet ups (Zoom, etc.)
  • A women in education event
  • Member profiles and spotlights
  • Social
  • Presentation schedule sharing
  • Directory at SheLeadsEdu
  • Shared calendar of who is where doing what

How do you want to contribute?

  • Leading break out conversations
  • Serving as a mentor
  • Small group/Think tank work to prepare for large group action
  • Reading club (participate or coordinate or lead)
  • Serve as a mentor & resource for others
  • Leadership coaching (mentoring, training, support systems)