There were heroes on every street during the pandemic. There were some who served locally, and others who made a difference nationally. And still, others who reached into every corner of the world to support those in need during the pandemic. There were many female educators who demonstrated exceptional courage and resilience during the pandemic, here are four that we want to be sure you know more about.

  1. Trisha Moquino: Moquino is a co-founder of the Keres Children’s Learning Center, a Native American language immersion school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. During the pandemic, she and her colleagues pivoted to remote learning, using social media and other online tools to engage students and families. Moquino also worked to address food insecurity among families, distributing meals and other supplies throughout the school.
  2. Luma Mufleh: Mufleh is the founder and CEO of Fugees Family, a nonprofit organization that provides education, soccer, and community support to refugee children in the United States. During the pandemic, she and her colleagues adapted their programs to provide virtual learning and support to students and families. They also worked to address food insecurity and other challenges facing refugee families during the pandemic.
  3. Stacey Abrams: While not an educator, Abrams is a former Georgia state representative and voting rights activist who has long been a champion for public education. During the pandemic, she worked to support students and families by advocating for expanded access to technology, increased funding for schools, and other measures to address the challenges facing public education.
  4. Rochelle Walensky: Walensky is the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and a former professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. During the pandemic, she has been a leading voice on public health and safety, providing guidance and support to educators and school leaders as they navigate the challenges of reopening schools safely.

These women and many others have demonstrated remarkable courage and commitment during the pandemic, working tirelessly to support students, families, and communities through this difficult time.

They serve as a reminder of the critical role that women educators play in our public education system, and the value of their leadership and expertise.