The pandemic may have rocked our world, but these women in particular were not held back by the challenge and trauma that faced them.

During the 2021-2022 school year, there were several women leaders in education who stood out for their leadership and advocacy on behalf of students and educators.

These are four that we wanted to highlight.

  1. Dr. Jill Biden: Dr. Biden is a lifelong educator and the First Lady of the United States. In her role, she has been a vocal advocate for public education and a champion for educators and students. She has visited schools and colleges across the country, highlighting the critical role of education in building a strong and equitable society.
  2. Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez: Dr. Torres-Rodriguez is the superintendent of Hartford Public Schools in Connecticut, and the first Latina superintendent in the district’s history. She has been a leader in promoting equity and excellence in education, and has worked to address the challenges facing students and families during the pandemic.
  3. Dr. Brenda Cassellius: Dr. Cassellius is the superintendent of Boston Public Schools and a former commissioner of education for the state of Minnesota. She has been a strong advocate for equity and inclusion in education, and has worked to address the disparities in funding and resources that have long plagued public education.
  4. Dr. Rosa Atkins: Dr. Atkins is the superintendent of Charlottesville City Schools in Virginia. She has been a leader in promoting diversity and equity in education, and has worked to address the legacy of segregation and inequality in the district. She has also been a vocal advocate for student mental health and wellbeing, particularly in the wake of the pandemic.

These women and many others have demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment in the face of significant challenges.

We have so many role models among us who inspire students, educators, and communities, as they help to build a more equitable and just education system for all.