Since its inception SheLeadsEdu has been about serving women in education. As empowered women we want to empower other women to achieve, learn, grow, and do more than survive.

One to one conversations for women in education

Getting prepared for an interview? Wondering what supports might be out there for your new role? Interested in connecting with someone in our network? Grab some time with one of our one to one conversation coaches.

Pam Moran

Shameka Gerald

Missy Emler

Jody Britten

Mini courses for women in education

Fine tune your leadership, master your calendar, support your own kids when you are part of an educational system that isn’t meeting their needs, write a grant, propose a presentation, or even start your own business. These mini courses are meant to help you move towards the future YOU want.

Tell us what course you are interested in and we will let you know ASAP when registration is open.

Our Community for Women in Education

Interested in being a part of our community for women in education? Let us know.

Events for Women in Education

Sign up for updates on our events for Women in Education. These are virtual events that can be synchronous or asynchronous and can provide you insight, resources, tips, tricks, energy, and so much more.

Directory of Women in Education

Access our directory of women in education who podcast, write, speak, coach, consult, and so much more.

Career Exploration for Women in Education

Through our exclusive partnerships with Woken we provide career exploration opportunities for women in education. These cohort based experiences provide an opportunity for women to:

  1. Learn about careers
  2. Reflect on their goals
  3. Understand the opportunities
  4. Navigate networking