SheLeadsEdu is about women in education connecting, networking, learning, and owning their power together. Once upon a time a female leader in education looked at me and asked what I needed, how I wanted to grow, and where we could possible go together. For the first time I had the example set before me that empowered women truly empower other women. As I continued my journey in education it was shocking how many women saw others as competition more than supporters. Over drinks one night a few of us sat together and sketched out what it might look like to connect women, be examples of supporting/encouragement, and finally create a space where the unique paths and experiences of women in education could be shared.

Before us, there was no shared community of women in education to learn, share, grow, and interact with their peer educational contributors.

Women wear so many hats in education, from teachers and leaders to elected officials and private sector contributors. It is time to bring them all together and give them voice.

There is no targeted opportunity specifically for women who work in or professionally support K12 education to refine leadership skills, learn strategies that collectively lift up women in education, and identify women-centric networks in specific areas of interest. This is the problem we aim to solve and why we created SheLeadsEdu.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Jody Britten, PhD | Co-founder SheLeadsEdu

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